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Learn English: a personal tutor for you

"Andrew designed my English course so it

was just what I needed. On  the plane home, I was already missing  England."

[Lalia Garcia]

Hello! I'm Andrew, a highly qualified and experienced English tutor based in Merton, close to Oxford in England.

English teacher

By combining targeted lessons with a total language immersion
experience, I can offer you a way to learn English that is natural, enjoyable, and highly effective. Your learning will continue throughout the day as you will hear and speak only English.

There's no better way to learn English!

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My experience and knowledge allow me to
serve my students directly; I can provide you with a personalised service that takes into account your individual language needs, your learning style and interests. You will learn English naturally, in a context that is supportive, respectful and enabling
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I have over 22 years' experience teaching English - at university, in schools, as a tutor to small groups and 1:1. I am accustomed to teaching adults and children at every level from beginner to advanced.


With a degree and doctorate in English and two teaching diplomas, I am uniquely well qualified to help you learn the English language.


I am highly knowledgeable of English linguistics and the history of the English language. As such, I can help you understand the theory as well as the practice of English. I am also an experienced teacher of English literature.


I hold Qualified Teacher Status in England and am registered with Trinity College London to teach English to speakers of other languages. I have been cleared by the UK Criminal Records Bureau to teach young learners.


Besides teaching students from England and overseas, I have experience in publications and online business.



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